Man arrested after road rage incident, gunshot

Last Updated on February 27, 2015 by cassnetwork

Casss County Sheriff Deputies believe a reported reckless driver led to gun fire just south of Logansport on County Road 350 S last night. Deputy John O’Connor was dispatched at 5:12 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 26, to the area of County Road 50E and County Road 350 S in reference to a reckless driver. The vehicle was described as a black Ford F-250 with a red snow plow on the front. Deputy O’Connor was advised by the Cass County E911 Dispatch Center that the driver had exited his vehicle and fired a shot at the complainant’s vehicle.

After interviewing the complainant, Annastaisa Carter, O’Connor found the incident had originated in Logansport near Market Street and Eel River Avenue. According to the complainant, the driver of the black truck was following her very closely and she thought he was going to strike her vehicle with his. The Sheriff’s Department say as she pulled over to let him pass, the driver flipped her off and kept waving for them to follow him.

Carter said that as they followed him through town, she contacted the Cass County E-911 Center and gave them information on the reckless driver. As she went south on County Road 50 E, she was able to obtain the plate number on the vehicle and report it to authorities.

The black Ford F-250 then pulled into his residence on County Road 350 South and authorities say the driver, who was later identified as Drew Boehme, 20, was standing in his driveway with a handgun. Carter said Boehme pointed the gun at her vehicle and fired a shot.

The Cass County Sheriff says a handgun was recovered from Boehme. He was booked into the Cass County Jail on a preliminary charge of criminal recklessness with a weapon.

O’Connor was assisted at the scene by Deputies Brenton McDonald, Brad Craven and Sheriff Randy Pryor.

Source: News release from Cass County Sheriff’s Department