Electronics collection set for April 18 in Walton

GUEST COLUMN by Bob Ehle Jr., Cass County Solid Waste Management District Director

bobehleThe Cass County Solid Waste Management District is continuing to look for ways to expand our programming, to better serve citizens throughout the county. One way we are doing that is by hosting electronics recycling events annually in different areas. That includes this Saturday, April 18, when we will have an electronics collection from 9-Noon in Walton.

This is the first time we have held an e-waste collection in Walton, and are hoping for a large turnout. We hosted similar events last year in Galveston and Royal Center, and averaged over 8,000 pounds of electronics collected in that three hour window.

So here is how it will work. RecycleForce will be set up right in front of the Town Hall building in Walton. Simply load the e-waste into your vehicle and drive to the event Saturday morning, and we will unload it for you. E-waste includes everything from computers, to televisions, game systems, DVD players, and almost anything with a cord.

There is absolutely no charge for this program, but donations will be accepted to help offset the cost of recycling the televisions, that each contain from 4-8 pounds of lead. It’s also important to note, that the recycling process is a secure one, so there is no reason to destroy the hard drives in the computers. We are also asking that you do not cut the cords off of these products.

And while the event Saturday is in Walton, it is open to any resident of Cass County. However, if you are unable to make it to this particular collection event, we will continue to take e-waste five days a week, by appointment, at our warehouse in Logansport.

There’s one other note about this Saturday. We will also be accepting old or expired medications at the same time. A law enforcement officer will be on hand to take the medications, and make sure that they are disposed of properly. Simply place the pills in a plastic baggie, and bring them with you Saturday morning. This service is not for sharps or inhalers.

I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of people Saturday morning from 9-Noon in Walton, and hope that this will be a valuable service. It would certainly be rewarding to see the total top 10,000 pounds of e-waste. If you have any questions about what is acceptable, simply give the office a call during the week (574) 732-9253.

A big thanks as well goes out to everyone in Walton for being willing to host this community event, and for helping to publicize it.

One other note I want to pass along concerns our annual tire collection program. It is well underway at our warehouse in Logansport. This is open to all Cass County residents and farmers, by appointment. The first semi is just about full of tires, and we are hoping to load another two or three before the program ends in late summer. Last year, four semis were filled, and three the year before.

Simply call the office to schedule an appointment to drop off tires Monday-Friday. (574) 732-9253.

The first ten car or small truck tires are free, with each additional one costing $2.00. Semi tires are $5.00 each and tractor tires are $15.00 each for the first four, and $30.00 each for tractor tires five through ten.

Next month I’ll pass along the total from our electronics collection this Saturday in Walton, and also have the results from the annual Earth Day plastic bag contest we are sponsoring involving the elementary schools throughout Cass County.

Thanks to the local media for allowing me to get this information out to you. Normally the column comes out later in the month, but they were gracious enough to run it early, because of the event Saturday.

Once again, please bring your electronics and old medications to Walton Saturday from 9-Noon. And call the office to schedule an appointment to bring tires or e-waste to our warehouse in Logansport.