GET TO KNOW: Twin Rivers Blue Star Mothers – IN 11

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Today’s featured organization is TWIN RIVERS BLUE STAR MOTHERS – IN 11

bluestar_logoThe purposes of the corporation shall be:  To perpetuate the Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc., and the memory of all the men and women who have served our country as members of the Armed Forces; the further object of this organization shall be patriotic, educational, social, and for service; to maintain true allegiance to the Government of the United States; to educate our members and others not to divulge military, naval, or other Government information; to assist veteran’s ceremonies, to attend patriotic rallies and meetings; to foster true democracy; to care for the unsupported mothers who gave their sons to the service of the Nation; to aid in bringing about recognition of the need of permanent civilian defense for each community and to ever be alert against invasion of un-American activities; to uphold the American institutions of freedom, justice, and equal rights, and to defend the United States from all enemies.

We support our troops overseas with care packages, moral support and continued support when they come home. We visit and support our VA hospitals and support local veterans.

On January 22, 1942 the Flint News Advertiser printed a coupon asking mothers of servicemen to fill out and return.  On February 1, 300 mothers met in the Durant Hotel, Flint Michigan.  Captain George H. Maines, who conceived the idea of forming a group, acted as the chair for the first meeting.  After receiving more than 100 responses a permanent organization was formed.

The organization was reported in the Congressional Record, February 6, 1942.  Chapters quickly formed in Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania, Oregon, California, Iowa and Washington.

In 1960 the organization was officially chartered by the U.S. Congress.

On Oct. 25, 2014, Twin Rivers BSM IN-11 became the first Chapter to form in Cass County.  We received a Proclamation from the Governor’s Office marking the date in history.

We want more people to know our group exists. We want to help out in any way we can in our community.  We support all military and their families by:

• Volunteering in VA Medical Centers

• Honoring our Fallen Warriors and their families – See Blue to Gold section

• Sending care packages to our Troops

• “Keeping the Home Fires Burning” by attending ceremonies, events and programs to recognize our military and our veterans

• Advocating for those who wait to come home – POW / MIAs

• Supporting each other through times of war and peace

People can help by donating items to send overseas: beef jerky, candy, socks, canned goods, ready-to-eat items, gum, toys, pencils, paper, coloring books — any item you can think of that they cannot just run out and get, to send love from Logansport.
Money is also a huge issue. Shipping is $15.95 per box – multiply that by 150 and that is around $2,400 just for postage. Our goal is to send four times per year, so that’s $9,600 per year.
You can also donate your time – to plan events or be in parades dedicated to honoring our military.
Our officers include the following:
President -Kimberly S. Clark
First Vice President –Jennie Johnson
Second Vice President –Misty  Moyer-Brew
Secretary – Gold Star Mother-Regina McAninch
Finance Secretary –Angela VanArsdale
Treasurer –Michelle Reeser-Foust
Parliamentarian –
Chaplain – Jodie Miller
Associate Liaison –
Military Liaison –
VAVS Representative – Lisa Sharp
VAVS Deputy – Michelle Reeser-FoustBlue to Gold ProgramNKY Blue to Gold Liaison –Angie VanArsdale
NKY Blue to Gold Dad –

A membership application must be  completed by eligible Mothers.  The yearly fee is $20.  An organization pin is optional costing $10.

Those who would like to support our mission and do not qualify for membership, are welcome as associates.  An application is required; however, a membership fee is not assessed – the contribution is solely voluntary.

An associate or Dads pin may be purchased for $10.


This program is to honor our Fallen Warriors and remember their families.  A personalized Gold Star Banner is provided to the mother and father (separately if living apart) and the spouse.  This Banner is presented with an optional Memory Book with permission and at a time convenient for the family.

BLUE STAR BANNER donates not only to our organization, but assists us in the Blue to Gold Program:, Inc.
3688 Research Way
Carson City, NV 89706

Want more information about Twin Rivers Blue Star Mothers – IN 11? Contact Kimberly Clark, president, at 859-907-9387 or e-mail her at Donations can be mailed to PO Box 103, Burnettsville, IN 47926. You can also find the group on Facebook by searching Twin Rivers Blue Star Mothers IN 11.
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