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The last day for pick up by leaf vac is Thursday, December 10, 2015.  

After December 10th, leaves should be placed in brown paper biodegradable yard waste bags and placed at same location as trash pickup. The biodegradable yard waste bags will be picked up by the Public Works Department on your scheduled trash pickup day.

Leaf season is once again upon us and Public Works Director, Dan Williams, is asking for the cooperation of the Logansport residents when raking leaves. If you choose to rake leaves into piles for the leaf vac to pick up,

the City of Logansport asks that you follow these rules:

DO NOT rake leaves onto the catch basins (curb drains).

Loose leaves should be placed as close to the street as possible, but NOT in the street.

NO loose leaves will be picked up in the alley.

DO NOT mix limbs or trash with the loose leaves.

When limbs are mixed with leaves and the leaf vac or street sweeper pick them up, it can cause damage to the machinery which will cause delays in the leaf pick up process.

DO NOT place leaves in PLASTIC bags, they WILL NOT be picked up by the Public Works Department.

Those who wish to bag their leaves may do so as long as they are placed in the brown paper biodegradable yard waste bags and placed at the normal trash pickup site.

The biodegradable yard waste bags will still be picked up on your normal trash pickup day by the Public Works Department.

As a rule, brush piles WILL NOT be picked up during leaf pick up season.

Public Works Department will begin leaf collection on Monday, November 2, 2015.