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Hello, Cass County.

News about our programs and services must be getting around as this has been a busy year for the District. Besides our electronics disposal service, I wanted to discuss a couple of programs that are time sensitive: Tires and household hazardous waste.

Cass County residents can bring in tires for disposal by appointment. The program will run until July. We are located at 518 High St., Logansport. Just call the office and we’ll set up a time that works best.

Below is the tire fee schedule:
Passenger Tires (Rim size 18” or less) $1/tire
Racing Tires (Wide) $2/tire
Commercial Tires (Semi, Bobcat/Fork truck) – $5
Tractor Tires $20/tire

Do you need to dispose of your unused or old household hazardous waste? The District’s annual HHW Day will be held on Saturday, September 24th at Logansport High School from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.  I wanted to get the information out to residents as soon as the event was scheduled so that you can plan ahead. The service is FREE for Cass County residents. Donations are appreciated.

Items accepted are, but not limited to: Oil based paints/stains, flammable liquids (gas, /paint thinner/etc.), insecticides, pesticides, corrosives, flammable solids, putty, adhesives, household cleaners, oxidizing solids (pool chemicals), fire extinguishers, driveway sealer, acids and bases, household cleaners, oil, oil filters, automotive fluids, fluorescent and mercury-containing bulbs, antifreeze, prescription and over-the-counter medicines (non-controlled), sharps (needles and lancets should be contained and labeled) aerosols, small propane tanks, non-hazardous material (soaps, lotions, etc.).

Items not accepted are: Asbestos, lab chemicals, explosives, ammunitions, infectious waste, radioactive material, large propane tanks, and latex paint. Latex based paint can be dried out and put in your regular trash as it is non-toxic.

As always, we accept electronics, light bulbs, and batteries (no alkaline) everyday, by appointment. If you have further questions about what you can bring, feel free to call the office at 574-732-9253. I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

All the programs we offer can be found on our website at are also additional resources listed for other outlets throughout the county that you may find helpful.
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As always, stay green!

Sacha Teague

Director, Cass County Recycling District