Begindergarten™ Assessments given at Kindergarten Round Up

Assessments for Cass County Reading Railroad Begindergarten program will be conducted during Kindergarten Round Up. The assessment checks student competency on the 7 basic skills identified to be important for kindergarten success. The results of the assessments help determine eligibility for the Begindergarten program, a free, six-week school readiness program. Make sure you bring your soon-to- be kindergartener with you to Kindergarten Round

Kindergarten Round Up will be held for Pioneer on April 4, LCSC on April 10 , and Lewis Cass on April 24 and invitations for Begindergarten will be distributed within a few weeks of these dates. The Begindergarten™ program will take place from June 11 -July 20 at Fairview Elementary in Logansport. Transportation, breakfast, and lunch will be provided to all eligible students.

Spots will fill up quickly so if your child receives an invitation, please be sure to return any requested paperwork quickly to ensure a spot. For any questions regarding the Begindergarten program, please contact Kailin Bauman at 574-753- 3533 or

SOURCE: News release from United Way of Cass County

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