Employer Consultant


May 11, 2022
  • Full Time
  • Kokomo

Ivy Tech Community College

Partners with campus Executive Director of Career Coaching and Employer Connections and Systems Office Executive Director of Employer Connections to build out campus strategy related to employer connections and training/completions metrics.

Integrates the alignment of workforce pipeline strategies including apprenticeship, internship, work-and-learn, and placement programs in support of students and local industry in partnership with Talent Connection Manager. Responsible for marketing, enrollment, data management and analysis, and assisting in the design and development of programs.

Monitors and responds to demand-driven needs and skills gaps within key economic sectors of the campus service area for workforce alignment, development, and training and education purposes.
Establishes, maintains, and cultivates positive, collaborative partnerships with employers. Provides meaningful consulting services focused on employer needs. Actively listens to and engages employers to assist in realizing the full scope and depth of their needs.

Implements demand-driven, voice-of-the-customer (VOC) processes to co-develop workforce programs and products. Provides data and information from the Department of Workforce Development and other agencies as well as rich customer data, to align with workforce needs as a support to employers.
In collaboration with the Executive Director of Career Coaching and Employer Connections, builds a common vision for the campuses to all internal and external stakeholders.

Collaborates with College faculty and staff to implement credit and non-credit workforce development programs that meet community needs based on high wage, high demand occupations to develop talent pipelines for employers.

Participates in local business organizations to further develop understanding of markets and communities to build relationships with employers, community organizations, and economic development partners. Serves as the central point of contact for private or public entities seeking information, resources, and solutions for workforce training and development.

Supports K-14 pipeline development, Achieve Your Degree (AYD), apprenticeship, and other workforce pathways to create seamless employer connections.

Works collaboratively with K-14 lead in promoting dual credit, youth options, open houses and campus events within all of the school districts the campuses serve to support the workforce talent pipeline.

Shares relevant employer information and contacts within the CCEC and others related to campus employer connections through Salesforce, Google Docs, and monthly meetings with the workforce team, campus Executive Director of Career Coaching and Employer Connections, Career Coaches, and Talent Connection Managers. Participates in related annual summits and/or retreats.

Interacts with marketing department to create awareness of credit and noncredit educational services for business/industry in conjunction with academic affairs
Assist program chairs/Deans with the recruitment and development of school specific advisory boards.

Develops and presents program proposals and grant applications by drawing from the College subject matter experts and in collaboration with the academic dean, department chair, as appropriate, to ensure compliance with state, federal, and accreditation requirements.

Participate in training, education, and professional development activities as necessary to stay current with the skills and knowledge required to perform the duties of the job.

This is not to be construed as an exhaustive list. Other duties logically associated with this position may be assigned. All responsibilities will be conducted within the parameters of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), other applicable regulatory requirements, and professional standards.

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