Parents learn about 2017-2018 changes to Logansport middle schools

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Logansport families who’ll have a child entering 6th, 7th or 8th grade in the fall packed the house at McHale Performing Arts Center for an hour-long presentation about the changes being made to Logansport’s middle schools next year.

Here are some of the facts shared by Logansport Community School Corporation administrators:


Approximately 330 sixth graders will attend Columbia 6th Grade Academy, located at 1300 N. 3rd St. in Logansport.

They’ll be divided into two “houses” or sections: one upstairs and one downstairs. Each house will have two teams of three teachers in English/Language Arts, Math and Science/Social Studies. There will also be one resource teacher and two instructional assistants per house. There will also be high ability sections and inclusive special education.

Each day will begin with a 20 minute “focus” period that will include academic advising, coaching and progress monitoring. Students will have four 70-minute blocks of instruction time during the day – two in the morning and two in the afternoon, with one of those blocks reserved for expressive arts.

In the middle of the day, they’ll have a 1.5 hour block that will include a 30 minute lunch, 40 minute “WIN” time and 15 minute “Brain Break.”

Principal Greg Grostefon said the goal will be building relationships with the students by focusing on academics, culture and life skills.

“WIN” stands for “What I need” and will vary from day to day. On Mondays, the time will focus on leadership, with instruction based on Stephen Covey’s “The Leader in Me.” Tuesday and Wednesday will focus on math and English/language arts remediation and enrichment. Thursday’s WIN time will be reserved for independent reading and on Fridays, students will put their leadership skills to  use with clubs and activities. The 15 minute “Brain Break” will use the “Minds-in-Motion” curriculum for what administrators referred to as “purposeful play.”

Administrators also shared some important dates for parents of students who are currently in 5th grade:

Band recruiting will take place at the end of April, with instruments in the elementary schools April 24-26. Elementary students will travel to Columbia Middle School on April 27 for an LHS band concert.

Parent orientation nights for Columbia 6th Grade Academy (C6GA) will be held Tuesday, May 16 for House 1 and Wednesday, May 17 for House 2. Parents will learn what house their student has been assigned to prior to that date.

C6GA Kickoff events for students will be held Wednesday, Aug. 2 for House 1 and Thursday, Aug. 3 for House 2.

6th grade students will continue to be able to participate alongside 7/8 students in tennis, cross country, wrestling, golf and track. There will continue to be a 6th grade soccer team as well as volleyball, basketball and cheerleading teams. Students will be bused to LJHS/LHS for sports as in the past.

6th grade athletes (volleyball, basketball, cheer) will practice at Columbia.

There will be blue A & B and white A & B teams. Volleyball will practice Blue/White together from 3-5 p.m. most nights. Blue team will play the former Lincoln schedule in the Logansport Jr. High gym. White team will play the former Columbia schedule in the Columbia gym.


Lincoln Middle School, 2901 Usher Street, will transition to Logansport Junior High School for the 2017-2018 school year. About 640 seventh and eighth graders will become “junior Berries” as they prepare for their high school careers.

The school colors will be red and black and Felix the Cat will also be Logansport Junior High School’s mascot.

Students will have eight 40 minute class periods and a 30 minute Felix period at lunch. All students will have two periods of English/Language Arts, math, science and social studies, along with three expressive classes that they can self-select. Those who are required to attend math or ELA labs will be able to select one or two expressive classes.

Expressive classes include art, band, choir, computer applications, Project Lead the Way, physical education, weights & conditioning and study hall. Intro to Engineering will be offered to 8th graders enrolled in algebra. Preparing for College and Careers will also be required for 8th graders, and 8th grade health is required for high school graduation.

In addition, Logansport Junior High School students can earn up to 10 high school credits, with 8th grade earth & space science (2 credits), algebra (2 credits), health (1 credit), Preparing for College and Careers (1 credit) and Introduction to Engineering (2 credits, with enrollment in algebra as a prerequisite).

By taking these classes, students will begin their high school GPA.  Beginning next fall, Logansport HS students will be able to earn the “Core 30” pathway which includes 30 college credits transferable  as a block to all public and most private Indiana colleges and universities. Credits earned are in English, math, science, social studies and the humanities. Students must pass the ACCUPLACER test to earn the college credit associated with each course. Administrators say the credits represent one year of college and an estimated cost savings of $20,000 in college expenses per student for the family.

All current opportunities for student athletes will continue, with red/black teams at the 7/8 grade level. Current schedules will be used with minor changes to each, and both the Columbia and Logansport Jr. High gyms will be used for contests. Red team will play at Columbia and black team will play at LJHS. Practices will take place at Logansport Jr. High: Basketball – 3-5 p.m. all 7th grade red and black; 5-7 p.m. all 8th grade red and black. Volleyball 3-5 p.m. all red/black 7 and 8 with split gym and multiple coaches.

Transportation will continue to be provided  and students will make transfers at the buildings as they currently do. Route information will be available at registration and at the student’s home school and on the LCSC website.

Those with questions can contact Superintendent Michele Starkey at (574) 722-2911 or call Columbia Middle School/Columbia 6th Grade Academy at (574) 753-3797 or Lincoln Middle School/Logansport Junior High School at (574) 753-7115.