Logansport City Government

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Logansport City Building
601 E. Broadway, Logansport, IN 46947

City of Logansport website: www.cityoflogansport.org


MayorChris Martin (R) 574-753-2551 Website Term runs through 2023
Clerk-TreasurerDuane Ullom (D) 574-753-4745 Website Term runs through 2023

Website and Contact Information

CITY COUNCIL MEETINGS: First Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers on the third floor of Logansport City Building

1st WardDave Morris (D)Term runs through 2023
2nd WardLarry Hood (D)Term runs through 2023
3rd WardAmy Densborn (D)Term runs through 2023
4th WardScott Peattie (D)Term runs through 2023
5th WardCarl McPherson, Jr. (D)Term runs through 2023
At LargeJake LeDonne (D)Term runs through 2023
At LargeJonathan Nelms (R)Term runs through 2023


Deputy MayorJacob Pomasl 574-753-2551 Website
Mayor's Administrative AssistantMendy Asselin 574-753-2551 Website
City AttorneyKelly Leeman Website
Fire ChiefRick Bair 574-753-3102 Website
Police ChiefTravis Yike 574-753-8095 Website
Street CommissionerTony Shanks 574-753-4610 Website
Cemetery SextonBob Bernhardt574-753-7082 Website
Animal ControlBryan Hider 574-722-6060 Website
Building CommissionerWayne Erwin 574-753-4831 Website
Code EnforcementJohnny Quinones 574-753-4831 Website
Planning DirectorArin Shaver 574-753-7775 Website
Zoning AdministratorEric Servin 574-753-7775 Website
Park AdministratorJan Fawley 574-753-6969 Website