Miami Township invests $80,000 in fire department

Last Updated on February 10, 2021 by New Waverly Fire Department

SOURCE: News release from New Waverly Fire Department

New Waverly, IN – The Miami Township, Cass County Trustee and Advisory Board recently approved expenditures totaling $80,000.00 for enhancement of fire department operations in Miami Township. These expenditures include the purchase of a fire apparatus ($50,000) and an upgrade of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) ($30,000).

The $50,000 fire apparatus purchase will enable the department to purchase a new rescue pumper to replace a 1988 Fire apparatus currently in service. The functions of the 1988 truck are largely limited to
use as a reserve pumper. With the added compartment space on the new truck, the new vehicle will respond as a “Squad” or a Special Operations pumper. It will still be available as a backup pumper, but will have added function for Rope Rescue, HAZMAT and additional auto extrication equipment.

Chief Buffum commented “this gives us the availability to consolidate equipment currently spread across multiple vehicles, allowing us to get more capabilities to the scene faster. In a world where seconds
count, this will shave many minutes off of the time needed to get everything we need to the scene.”

Delivery of the new vehicle is anticipated this weekend.

The $30,000 is a step in upgrading the departments existing SCBA. Chief Buffum reports SCBA are one of the most important pieces of equipment used by firefighters, enabling them to operate in the dangerous
atmospheres present in fires. There are many reasons for the upgrades. The SCBA themselves have a useful life of about ten years, and the departments packs are coming up to that date.

Buffum pointed out the technology changes. The new packs weigh less than the old packs, and are also 45 minute bottles instead of the previous 30 minute bottles giving firefighters more time to be inside searching for
victims, extinguishing fires and performing other tasks. The new equipment also includes more up to date safety features including visual indicators of low air alarms or distress alarms, visible from sides top
and bottom of the pack. The new packs also allow enhanced communication between firefighters while using the equipment. The first round of SCBA upgrades has already arrived and more will be phased in
over the next year.

Funds were made available from tax revenues already collected for firefighting purchases. Still, the fire department sees the purchases as a statement of confidence and support from the township board and

“We do everything we can to save costs, maintain things in house and get as much time out of equipment as we can,” Buffum states. “Firefighting is at times a hostile and violent activity, things do get damaged and worn out. In this case, we have equipment that has served us well but needed to be
upgraded. We thank the township trustee and board for their continued partnership. We can’t do this without them.”

Township Trustee Joe Pear stated “we saw a need for upgrade and were able to find a good, used truck that will serve the community well for years to come. I and the Township Board are excited to see the new functionality added to the fire department and are glad we were able to provide support for this project.”