Candidate responds to latest power plant news

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Cass County Communication Network welcomes letters to the editor and guest columns. The following Letter to the Editor was submitted by Matt Meagher, Democrat candidate for Mayor of Logansport on April 2, 2015.

Tuesday’s announcement that the city would not be receiving a check from TCS Logansport Energy Group was not a surprise.  Far from it, it has been obvious from the start that this group was not capable of delivering on its promises.

Just as obvious is the lack of leadership on this issue.  Twice we have gone with far-fetched ideas that lacked solid backing, most recently with a group that has never been publically identified.  At every turn we have resisted exploring more conventional plans for replacing the generating plant.

This has gone on far too long.  We must take an open look at any proven technology out there.  That includes natural gas as the primary fuel.  The United States is the leading producer of natural gas in the world; Indiana alone has nearly 95 billion cubic feet of natural gas storage.  By 2035 government estimates have 80% of electricity being produced by natural gas generating plants.  Knowing how readily available natural gas is, it is baffling that we continue to ignore it as a potential solution to our problems.

Logansport’s middle class cannot grow without a long-term solution to lower electricity prices.  High utility prices combined with increasing property taxes (due to out of control city spending) have driven up both the cost of doing business in Logansport and the cost of living in Logansport.  The middle class has seen its income stagnate at the exact same time it has seen its bills spike.  As long as this issue remains unresolved this problem will only worsen.

The city needs leadership that is unbiased.  The only concern should be that the solution has a realistic chance of being funded and that it lowers the cost of electricity in Logansport for the long term.  We must be prepared to consider any and all realistic proposals.

Too much is at stake to be closed minded about the solution to this problem.  Logansport is competing for jobs in a global market and we need every advantage possible.  Being able to offer lower rates than surrounding communities is going to be one of the keys to attracting new jobs. More importantly we need to acknowledge that the answer to our problems hasn’t been found yet.  Until we take an open unbiased look at the solutions available we will continue to waste time and money, both of which are in short supply.

Matt Meagher
Democrat Candidate for Mayor of Logansport

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