City’s payments add up to more than $2.3 million

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One issue that’s been the focus of a lot of discussion lately is the amounts of money the City of Logansport paid for various services, including consulting and legal fees.

On April 1, 2015, we made a public records request for an official total of the amounts paid to the following entities from January 1, 2012 through March 31, 2015.

These numbers were provided by Logansport Clerk-Treasurer Carol Sue Hayworth on April 9, 2015:

William-Lynn-James, Inc.: $1,395,511.58*

Barnes & Thornburg: $276,921.88

Law Office of Beth Henkel: $21,210.84

John Molitor: $88,225

Ingraham & Associates: $106,142.63

Reedy Financial Group: $197,603.99

Wabash Scientific: $41,842.50

Kroger Gardis Regas, LLP: $85,576.90

Randall Miller & Associates: $55,325

S.G. Preston: $62,500

Download the figures provided by the Clerk Treasurer’s Office in PDF format.

*This figure does not include a Nov. 14, 2012 payment of $45,000 and a January 9, 2013 payment of $205,000 from Logansport Municipal Utilities to William-Lynn-James, Inc.

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