Miami Correctional Facility names Employees of the Year

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Bunker Hill, IN (May 15, 2015) – Miami Correctional Facility (MCF) named three individuals as employees of the year during the annual Correctional Employee Appreciation Week celebration recently.

Selected as Employee of the Year was Dan Rich, Caseworker.  Rich began his career at MCF in October
2002 as a Cook 2. In July 2005, he transferred to a store clerk 3 and in April 2007 went to be a warehouse foreman 1. In October 2008 he became a caseworker.

“He was recognized earlier this year for his sense of collaboration and shared creation and responsibility that he encourages, according to Superintendent Kathy Griffin. “He consistently and passionately takes time to teach and explain processes to anyone who needs help. Rich is capable of strengthening and teaching others by developing competence and confidence in them.”

A fellow staff member stated that Rich “is always a patient teacher who tries to make sure his students
understands exactly what is needed.”

“Not only does he have a desire to strengthen and teach, he teaches people how things are supposed to be
done and then lets them branch out and succeed on their own. His dedication to this department and this facility is further demonstrated by having been recognized 12 of his 13 years of state employment for
perfect attendance,” Griffin added.

Selected as Officer of the Year was Officer Josh Morgan, who was hired as a Correctional Officer in July
2012 at Plainfield Correctional Facility and the Reception Diagnostic Center. In his time at those facilities, he received several tokens of recognition including numerous letters of appreciation and cash spot bonus awards. He became a member of the E-Squad in August 2012 at Plainfield Correctional Facility. In August 2013, he transferred to MCF and wasted no time proving to be a valuable asset to this facility, according to Superintendent Kathy Griffin. He became a Field Training Officer and regularly accepts new training opportunities for himself and relays them to the staff he trains. “His composure and stability in the face of stressful and frustrating situations is continually praised by his co-workers,” Griffin said.

Morgan now serves as a team leader on MCF’s E-Squad. He received Officer of the Quarter in 2014.

“His ability to lead, decision making, skills, work ethic, professionalism, and attention to detail will serve him well as he continues to advance in his career with the Indiana Department of Correction,” Griffin added.

Selected as Supervisor of the Year was Rick Hobbs, Internal Affairs (IA) Investigator 3. He was hired at
MCF in May 2005 as a Correctional Officer. He promoted to an IA officer 4 in September of 2012 working as a Security Threat Group Coordinator and was promoted to IA Investigator 3 in November 2013.

“While working in custody he excelled and since his move to IA, he has taken on many roles and showed that he can be called upon to do anything and still keep a positive attitude,” Ms. Griffin said.

“Hobbs works well with others and has a hands-on attitude – leading by example,” Ms. Griffin said. “He is a fast learner and a self-motivator.  Not every assignment is fun or exciting, but he continues to complete all his tasks while supervising others,” Griffin added.

In 2014, Hobbs’ abilities were put to the test when his supervisor was away for four months, requiring
him to step into that role. “He continued to run the department efficiently and maintained a positive
connection with his staff and other departments.” Griffin noted.

Employees of the year are selected from those chosen as Employee of the Quarter during the previous

Several staff also received their Year’s of Service Pins:

Those receiving five-year service pins included: April Allen, James Blevins, Tommy Buffum, Chad Corn,
Shaun Fewell, Vodkay Fisher, Timothy Hamrick, Thomas Hayden, April Valdez, and Danny Waller.

Those receiving 10 year pins included: Ryan Adkins, Rita Beemer, Harvey Carlson, James Collingsworth,
Quentin Coppernoll, Ryan Denham, David Gaby, Richard Hobbs, Ethel Johnson, Mathew Jones, Brian
Knauff, Kandance Lewis, Kevin Macy, David Mercier, Buford Nice, Ernest Parkin, Joshua Phillips, Pamela Salisbury, Jeffrey Smith, Tamara Sterling, Jason Sullivan, David Waggoner, Zachary Whann, Harold Wilson, and Richard Wright.

Fifteen year service pins were given to: Cathy Arnold, Deborah Bales, Randy Bingle, Michael Cannon,
Tony Cochran, Joseph Gatliff, William Gilbert, Deborah Hall, Mark Hall, Lori Hazlett, Scott Kenworthy,
Dale Lines, Kathy Latta, Jodi Mann, Rodney Mygrant, Judy Parks, Tricia Pretorius, Carolyn Short, Nancy Spencer, Rodney Stoll, Dale Truax, Janet Tuley, Charles Williams, and Vincent Wolf.

A 20-year pins were given to Gene Cooper, Janet Hayes, Destin McCord, and Kenneth Owens. Lori Barkas received a 25-year pin and Eugene Bell and Kathy Griffin received a 30 year pin.

Perfect Attendance Awards were also issued for those not taking any sick days between April 2014 and
April 2015. Those recipients included: (non-custody) William Croto, Ryan Denham, Scarlett Graves, and
Dan Rich; (custody) Beverly Abney, Lawrence Benson, David Carter, Justin Crousore, Larry Cunningham, Timothy Grinslade, Jake Kieninger, Rodney Mygrant, Paul Parrow, Diane Reason, David Rish Jr., Jonathan Ross, Matthew Schoettmer, Danny Tucker, and Michael Witham.

Correctional Employee Appreciation Week is celebrated annually in May. Each Indiana Department of
Correction facility hosts several events to give back and recognize its employees.

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