A few simple tasks each week, for a month, can help Hoosiers survive emergency situations

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Taking a few simple actions each week in September can greatly help Indiana residents survive times of natural disasters (floods, tornadoes) or man-made emergencies (fires, terrorism), any time of year, says the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

September is Preparedness Month in Indiana and in the United States, and it’s a month in which safety and security professionals urge all Americans to think ahead and plan for emergencies that no one hopes will happen, but that history proves can and do happen.

The Indiana agency has prepared a checklist of three simple activities Hoosiers can do each week in September to be ready if and when disaster strikes. The checklist is below. More detailed information is available at the agency’s Get Prepared website,

September 2015 – National Preparedness Month

Checklist By Week

Week One:  (short week) Tuesday Sept. 1 through Saturday Sept. 5

This week, I/we…

Bought a battery-powered or hand-cranked NOAA weather radio.

Mapped and practiced fire escape routes.

Practiced Stop! Drop! And Roll! for fire safety.


Week Two:  Sunday Sept. 6 through Saturday Sept. 12

This week, I/we…

Learned and practiced what do to in an earthquake: Drop! Cover! Hold on!

Signed up for Great Central U.S. ShakeOut on its website.

Built part of a disaster kit: blanket, sturdy shoes/clothes, hats, gloves, some cash.

Practiced taking appropriate shelter for a tornado.


Week Three:  Sunday Sept. 13 through Saturday Sept. 19

This week, I/we…

Learned/shared/discussed the difference between tornado watches and warnings.

Placed crucial documents in a waterproof container (passports, birth certificates, etc.).

Built part of a disaster kit: nonperishable food, water, eating utensils, baby/pet supplies.


Week Four:  Sunday Sept. 20 through Saturday Sept. 26

This week, I/we…

Bought or recharged fire extinguishers.

Mapped/explored neighborhood escape routes in case of flooding, chemical spill, etc.

Built part of a disaster kit: first-aid supplies, scissors, gloves, medicines, sunscreen.


Week Five:  (short week) Sunday Sept. 27 through Wednesday Sept. 30

This week, I/we…

Listed neighbors who may need help – seniors, babies, people with disabilities.

Built part of a disaster kit: flashlight with extra batteries, wrench to shut off gas/water.

Studied/shared “Get Prepared” information at

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