Clark announces re-election bid for Cass County Surveyor

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The Cass County Surveyor, Jenny Clark, announced today that she plans to seek a fifth term:

“Today, I announce my intent to run for re-election to the Cass County Surveyor’s Office for my fifth term.  I was appointed in April of 2000 to fulfill the remainder of the term of Lionel Billman upon his passing and won my first election that fall.

I am Jenny (Lombardi) Clark and have worked for the Cass County Surveyor’s Office for 18 years.  I was born and raised in Logansport and reside in Cass County with my husband, Mike Clark, a 26-year member of the Logansport
Police Department, and my three children, Kassie, Jordan, and Kadan.  I graduated from Logansport High School as well as Manchester College.  By virtue of holding the office of Surveyor, I serve as the ex officio member on the Cass County Drainage Board and serve on the Cass County Plan Commission, having served as President since 2010.  I have also been appointed to many committees and sub-committees.

The office of Surveyor is often misunderstood to many as the name is misleading.  I do not handle property line surveys, as most often thought.  I am responsible for the Regulated Drains in Cass County, which are open ditches and sub-surface field tiles that landowners had constructed or installed and then petitioned the Court over 100 years ago to be considered regulated.  I maintain the original records of those proceedings and maps that show their locations.

Over the past 18 years I have been in office, many Drain Maintenance and Reconstruction Projects have been completed.  In fact, close to 2.7 million dollars have been used to reconstruct tiles, dredge and clear open ditches and repair failing spans of tile.  A few of the most recent projects are the Powell Tile Complete Reconstruction Project, Tributary D to Jones Partial Reconstruction Project as well as Phase 1 of a 13 mile project on Crooked Creek which cleared four miles of trees from the bank to increase sight lines for survey work.  I have three more Reconstruction Projects happening in 2016 which include the Dehaven Tile in Jackson Township and the Charles Wilson 1 Tile and Charles Wilson 2 Tile in Boone Township.  Those three projects alone total over one million dollars.  One more to mention is Indian Creek as we have started to reorganize that project again in hopes of keeping it out of court.  These are major projects that contribute to the improvement of drainage to an area which, in turn, increases crop production and allows an adequate outlet for the individual landowner to install their own drainage systems to further promote drainage.

As we look toward the future, let’s keep things flowing in the right direction.  I have completed many projects but there is still much more to do.   Re-electing me to my fifth term will ensure that these pressing projects are handled efficiently, without interruption and the office will continue to operate effectively for Cass County.”

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