Liming announces plans to seek another term as Cass County Clerk

Last Updated on January 4, 2016 by cassnetwork

Beth Liming is announcing that she wants to serve another four year term as the Cass County Clerk.

“I have truly enjoyed serving as your County Clerk during my first term and look forward to serving another four year term. During my first term that I have served Cass County as the county clerk there have been many good changes in the office. I have found through my experience that it is very important to have a good working relationship with not only other departments in your county, but also clerks in counties around the state as well. I have met with several clerks and continue to keep contact with them to be sure that we are all working as efficiently as possible.

When I was first chosen as county clerk, vote centers had just been completed. Over the years, I have worked with our County IT Department and my voter registration deputy to continue to build and work to find ways to help vote centers run more efficiently in Cass County. We have cut our election cost in half with using Vote Centers. I continue to work with many other clerks around the state to help them get started in their own counties.

During the past years I have worked with many clerks and found several ways we can save money. I have found ways to save simply by not falling into the “because we have always done it that way” category, but to find new more efficient ways to get tasks accomplished. I continue to work with vendors to find ways to trim expenses. It has been my goal and will continue to be my goal to find more ways for the office to become more efficient for less costs.

In June 2011 Cass County made the switch over to the statewide court management system, Odyssey. With lots of hard work from staff, Judges and IT Department we had a very smooth transition. We continue to see progress in the program and in our office.

In November 2011 the County Clerk’s office was re-located to one location on the fourth floor. I believe this has helped with the confusion as to which office to visit and also providing a service with two of the courts being on the same floor.

In 2016 the County Clerk’s office plans to start accepting credit and debit cards. I believe this will be a great service to our customers.

I look forward to serving you as Cass County over the next four years. I hope to continue to lower the cost and improve efficiency of the Cass County Clerk’s office.”

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