Logansport/Cass County law enforcement re-establish drug investigation task force

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Cooperation between the city of Logansport and Cass County officials has led to the re-emergence of a drug investigation task force.

A meeting that involved Sheriff Randy Pryor and Logansport Police Chief Brad Rozzi yesterday led to the re-establishment of the city/county task force.

“This is a major step forward for drug enforcement in Cass County,” Mayor Dave Kitchell said today. “I spoke with County Commissioners President Jim Sailors this morning and he added his support to the change.”

Kitchell said it’s important for both levels of government to be working together on drug cases because different departments could potentially be investigating the same suspects without knowing what their counterparts in another department are doing, or what they already know about a suspect.

“This is part of what will be an ongoing effort to fight methampethamine and heroin use, as well as the use of other illicit drugs. We will be sending a message to users that if they need help, the time to get it is now, and if they are selling meth, heroin or other drugs, the time to stop is now. If they don’t, it’s time to find another locality. We will devote more manpower and resources to fighting drug abuse than in the past and we’ll be proud to earn the reputation that Logansport and Cass County are not places where you want to do drugs and be caught.”

Kitchell also said the city council may be considering an ordinance to allow local pharmacists some authority to restrict the sale of over-the-counter medicines used to manufacture meth.

SOURCE: News release from Mayor Dave Kitchell

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