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Meagher appointed to Utility Service Board

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The board that governs the operation of the city of Logansport’s municipal utilities is gaining a veteran member with eight years of experience.

Mike Meagher, executive director of the Logansport-based Area Five Agency on Aging and Community Services, will fill out the unexpired term of Mark Hildebrandt. The appointment gives the five-member board a second member from outside the corporate limits of the city.
Mayor Dave Kitchell says roughly half the Logansport Municipal Utilities service area lies outside the city limits, and he has indicated the appointment will give customers outside the city one Republican member and one Democrat member who don’t reside in the city.
“In fairness, LMU customers outside the city pay higher rates than city residents, who pay city taxes,” Kitchell said. “Many of these customers are significant property taxpayers in our county and support many things within the city, including owning and operating businesses here. This is the best way we can proportionately represent that segment of the service area on the Utility Service Board.”
Meagher, a Democrat, is a University of Notre Dame graduate. The other member from outside the city limits is Jay King, a Republican appointee of the city council.
The remaining board members are mayoral appointees Dan Slusser, a Republican and the current board president, and Democrat Don Strasser. The remaining member is Marty Monahan who like King is a council appointment. Strasser, Monahan and Slusser are Logansport residents.
Board terms are four years.
State law prevents utility service boards from having a majority of members from outside the municipality that establishes a utility.
SOURCE: News release from Logansport Mayor Dave Kitchell
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