Siefert named Logansport Bicentennial Citizen of the Week

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bicentennialA retired Logansport teacher and drama coach has been named the latest recipient of a special city award

Patricia “Pat” Siefert, has been named a recipient of the Logansport Bicentennial Citizen of the Week.

Along with other faculty members at Logansport, Pat was instrumental in engaging students in academic competitions,” Mayor Dave Kitchell said Friday. “Few people may know that at one point, Logansport and Martinsville were the only school corporations in the state that could claim state championships in all three of the state’s major high school academic competitions. This was no small feat when you consider all the schools from larger communities with greater resources at their disposal and larger enrollments. Pat accomplished what she did because students believed they could achieve at the highest level in Indiana, regardless of enrollments or funding – simply because they worked hard to achieve a goal. That kind of work ethic is often lost in evaluating schools, administrators and teachers today.”

Siefert attended Butler University where she was homecoming queen. She was a speech and English teacher at Logansport and directed several Winter Fantasy productions and senior class plays during her career.

Siefert and other Logansport residents who have been named recipients will receive an Indiana state flag and a certificate. The award is presented weekly to local residents who have achieved statewide or national recognition.

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