Ballot set for 2016 Primary Election in Cass County

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The following candidates will appear on the ballot in Cass County, Indiana for the Primary Election on May 3, 2016.

President of the United States
Ted Cruz (R)
John R. Kasich (R)
Donald J. Trump (R)
Jeb Bush (R)*
Ben Carson (R)*
Chris Christie (R)*
Carly Fiorina (R)*
Rand Paul (R)*
Marco Rubio (R)*

Editor’s note: * candidates have withdrawn or suspended their campaigns but will still appear on the ballot due to filing deadlines.

Hillary Clinton (D)
Bernie Sanders (D)

U.S. Senator
Marlin A. Stutzman (R)
Todd Young (R)

Baron Hill (D)

Governor of Indiana
Michael R. Pence (R)
John R. Gregg (D)

U.S. Representative – Congressional District 4
Kevin J. Grant (R)
Todd Rokita (R)
John Dale (D)

State Senator District 18
Randall Head (R)

State Representative District 23
William C. Friend (R)
Rose G. Ryan (D)

State Representative District 25
Donald J. Lehe (R)
Maurice O. Fuller (D)
Justin Notoras (D)

State Representative District 38
Heath VanNatter (R)

Judge of Cass Superior Court I
James K. (Jim) Muehlhausen (R)

Clerk of the Circuit and Superior Courts
Beth Liming (R)

Cass County Auditor
Cheryl Alcorn (R)
Robin B.C. Bancroft (R)
Steven Michael Kain (R)

County Treasurer
Kathy Adair (R)
Vaneen M. Ide (R)

County Coroner
Rhea O’Brien (R)
Randy Rozzi (D)

County Surveyor
Jenny (Lombardi) Clark (R)
Josh LeDonne (R)

County Commissioner District I
Ralph R. Anderson (R)

County Commissioners District II
Jim Sailors (R)

County Council At Large (3 seats)
Stacey A. Donato (R)
Chuck LaDow (R)
George L. Stebbins (R)
Tracy Williamson (R)

Democratic State Convention Delegates
Kevin Burkett
Amy Densborn
Terry Doran
Sue Ellis-Shannon
Mary Kay Fincher
Michael E. (Mike) Fincher
Bill A. Friskey
Carl H. McPherson
Elizabeth (Liz) Troxell
Deborah Ulerick
Paul D. Ulerick
Duane Ullom
Jesse Wilson

Monday, April 4, 2016 is the deadline to register to vote. Early voting begins April 5.

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