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Residents asked to return income surveys

Last Updated on April 22, 2016 by cassnetwork

Is your home one of 600 households who received a survey in the mail from the City of Logansport?  If so, Deputy Mayor Mercedes Brugh is asking you complete and return your survey.

Logansport sent 600 confidential income surveys to random Logansport addresses.  The purpose of the survey is to qualify Logansport for grant funding for projects such as restoring Memorial Home.  202 surveys have been returned, but 500 are necessary to qualify for the grants.

Help from Logansport’s residents is critical to getting grants that will improve Logansport for everyone.

Brugh says, “If we do not get enough surveys back, we will go door-to-door to the addresses that received the survey.  We have to end up with 500 responses.”

If you have questions regarding the Income Survey, please contact Logansport’s Grant Administrator, Cathy Miller, in the Logansport Clerk-Treasurer’s office at (574) 753-4745 or Deputy Mayor Mercedes Brugh at (574) 753-2551.

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