Youth sports benefit from Area Five support

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Logansport Community School Corporation students who participate in summer baseball and golf programs offered through the city park system will be able to enjoy participation underwritten by a locally-based social services agency.

The Area Five Council on Aging and Community Services has agreed to fund the costs of outstanding bills remaining for students registered to participate in the youth baseball leagues at Fairview Park and Tower Park. Additionally, Junior Golf Program participants at Dykeman Park Municipal Golf Course.

Logansport Mayor Dave Kitchell said the support will be directed for students identified in the free-and-reduced lunch program offered through the schools. Eligible students who are registered either for beginning Minor League Baseball through Babe Ruth and Junior Golf participants will have their outstanding balances covered through the agency’s support.

“This is an outstanding example of supporting the young people of our community,” Mayor Dave Kitchell said today. “We’re grateful for the ongoing support Area Five has shown the city’s residents, and in this case, the park system and its youth leagues.”

“I am thrilled about the opportunity for more of our students to be involved in summer programs,” Logansport School Superintendent Michele Starkey said. “Research shows that when students are engaged in extra-curricular activities, they perform better academically.  I truly appreciate the support of Area Five and the City of Logansport.  This is a great thing not only for our students but also for our community. ”

Kitchell said the fees for leagues often serve as an artificial barrier to participation for young people who have limited access to sports facilities of any kind, other than those available in the city park system.

“The park system is one of our greatest assets, but it’s one that our greatest asset – our young people – should be able to take advantage of for their own health and well-being,” he said.

Families that qualify for the assistance will be notified of the availability of funding through their respective schools. All inquiries will remain confidential.

SOURCE: News release from the Office of Logansport Mayor Dave Kitchell

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