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yfu_featuredDear Community of Logansport,

I’m Nik the German foreign exchange student this year from Youth for Understanding.  This is an open thank you letter to the people of Logansport, IN.

A lot of people asked me when I came here and throughout the year why I came here and the answer is simple, I didn’t have a choice. I heard about this city 6 days before my flight left for the U.S. Of course I googled everything and got an idea how Logansport looks like and I actually got excited to come here. Well it was really new for me to first come here and I remember the day I arrived. I went to the football game of Logansport vs. Peru. It was really weird for me at first but you guys showed great hospitality and I started to like this place. A lot of people also asked me if I like Logan or if I just want to leave Logansport but here is my answer. If I would have known before my exchange year how nice the community of Logansport is I would have come here on my first choice.

A lot of people in my school always say they can’t wait to leave Logansport but I am glad that I came to Logan. Sure we have some problems in this city but no one is perfect, overall it is a really nice town to live in. I really like going to Logansport High school and all the opportunities my host family, my friends and the community have given me to experience this part of the country. It was for me absolutely amazing to go to all the school activities like the sports games. (I will never forget the buzzer beater against Muncie Central) and the student section at the game. But also for the nice staff at the high school. Everyone welcomed me here really nicely and I really appreciate that. It is nice when you have that because you’re pretty shy when you come to a new country and a new city not knowing anyone.

I have enjoyed everything and I will probably miss a lot of stuff from Logansport like Sycamore, Char Bett and the West Side Diner just to name a few things I am going to miss. The things I will miss the most are the people of this community and my friends and family which always cheered me up and experienced things with me. The things the people do here are really special for the foreign exchange students and you cannot imagine how excited we get about the little things because it is new for us. Thanksgiving is my favorite American holiday and celebration because you come all together and have so much food and a really good turkey. I’m really thankful that I could go to church and that I met new people to get to learn more about the community and about the people.

I am not the perfect person and I probably was sometimes rude to people. It’s just the way my German culture is. I am sorry if I every offended you. It was amazing to go to such a good high school with such an awesome staff and students. This school will forever have a special place in my heart. I say thank you to everyone in the City of Logansport, my host family, my friends and to every person I met since I am here for making this exchange year the best year of my life.

I would also like to thank Youth for Understanding for placing me in Logansport and for all the support they gave me during my stay in Logansport. If you would like to open your home to someone like me for the coming year please call Sharon Strasser at 574 722-1615 or email her at You can also go to their website for more information at

Thank you,

Niklas Fengler

YFU German Exchange Student

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