Logansport/Cass County/Walton Planning Department issues reminders

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With the weather getting warmer and the thoughts of property owners wanting to get outside, the Logansport/Cass County/Walton Planning Department want to remind everyone that permits are required for any new construction, additions, new sheds, pole barns, fences, pools,  and other property renovations.

A new County ordinance passed May 20, 2016 requires all county residences to apply for a building permit for any structural changes, including moving, replacing or eliminating walls, roof alterations, adding windows and unfinished areas, such as garages, basements & attics that will become finished, living spaces.  The cost is $50 and can be applied for at the Cass County Planning Dept, 200 Court Park, Room 306.

Residents in the City of Logansport and Two-Mile Fringe should know they are subject to the Logansport Zoning Ordinance.  Residents in Cass County, excluding Walton, Galveston & Royal Center, are subject to the Cass County Zoning Ordinance.  Residents of the Town of Walton & Two-Mile Fringe are subject to the Town of Walton Zoning Ordinance.  These documents are pertinent to daily life and are how our community is able to function.  If you are looking to purchase property or a new home or business, be aware of the zoning district you are in and what uses are allowed.

From single family residences to the business districts, signage & fences to additions, the regulations located in the Zoning Ordinances are important to the well-being and safety of the residents of the City of Logansport, Walton & Cass County. The Planning Department is here to help you navigate through the process to get to the end goal.  Please contact the Planning Department to learn about the permitting process before you start any project.

Through state law, we are here to enforce the goals and objectives of the community through ordinances that were adopted by your City Council, County Commissioners & Walton Town Hall.  For further information or questions on whether a permit is required, please contact Arin Shaver, Executive Director or Chris Gaumer, Zoning Administrator at 753-7775.

SOURCE: News release from Logansport/Cass County/ Walton Planning Department






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