Baker named Bicentennial Citizen of the Week

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bicentennialA Logansport native who has developed a revolutionary communication tool has been named a recipient of a special Logansport award.

Bruce Baker, inventor of Minspeak, was inducted Sunday into the Logansport High School Hall of Fame. Baker, a Wabash College graduate, used his linguistic skills to invent a device that allows people who cannot speak to communicate through the use of word symbols on a keyboard that create conversations. He owns and operates his company in Pennsylvania.

“Bruce was able to break new ground with a device that gave people with no hope of vocal communication a chance to have daily conversations,” Mayor Dave Kitchell said today. “Bruce is a true entrepreneur, and his efforts have largely gone under the radar of appreciation because he truly didn’t accomplish what he did for the sake of making a name for himself. He did it to better the world and to improve the quality of life for people who had theirs compromised through no fault of their own. He is a true model of excellence for us all to aspire to when we think of people who have furthered the quality of life.”

Baker grew up in the 1400 block of East Broadway, less than a block from the old Logansport High School where he graduated in 1961. He was the son of a Pennsylvania Railroad engineer.

He will receive an Indiana state flag and a certificate from the Mayor’s Office. The award is presented weekly during 2016 to recognize local residents or natives who have brought state or national recognition to Logansport.

SOURCE: News release from Logansport Mayor Dave Kitchell

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