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This weyouthservicesallianceek’s featured organization is the Youth Services Alliance, located at 1578 N SR 17. They can be reached Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 765-438-4178. Visit them online at

We are a non-profit organization. In home, school, church or business, the messages that Well Done Life (Youth Services Alliance) provide will help maximize the potential of any organization. Whether you need a twenty minute speech, a two hour seminar or a two day workshop, we can customize a program to fit your needs. We are very community oriented and here to help YSAfamilies and youth in Logansport.

We also feature free programs and events from month to month. We run Parent Support Groups in three locations at this time. We also help sponsor IYI cafes that are free and open to the community.

RLH & Associates was founded by Rick Hollering in 1988.  Since then they have challenged thousands to dream bigger, while providing the skills that empower them to achieve those dreams.

Rick and Lisa Hollering are the owners/coordinators, Marc Williamson is the co-coordinator and Nikki Malott is the executive assistant.

We specialize in human development programs which include but not limited to; goal setting; leadership; communication; sales;  relationships; time management; conflict resolution and group dynamics.  With Rick’s passion of teaching success principles to youth, he also founded Youth Services Alliance which works directly with youth.  To read more about Rick and what drives him to do what he does, visit

Rick and Lisa Hollering are both certified Human Behavioral Consultants who have devoted their lives to helping others reach their potential. Whether in home, school, church or business, the messages they provide will help maximize the potential of any organization.

We provide families and youth with support and education services for free. We support our community and are involved in the Cass County Resource Network in hopes to help make Logansport a great community to live in.

We work to maximize the potential of any individual, organization or team by helping them understand and utilize their God given talents and abilities. We are dedicated to enhancing the life in communities by enriching the lives of its people. Our goal is to empower people by giving them hope in their future through setting goals, increased self awareness, enhanced communication skills and the attitude to make it happen.

If you’re interested in making a monetary donation, visit
If you are interested in helping in some other way please contact or or call 765-438-4178.

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