Logansport Mayor: Repurposing generating plant moving ahead

Plans to create riverfront housing along a stretch of the Eel River in the heart of Logansport are moving forward.

Last year, a Carmel developer approached city officials about the former Logansport Municipal Utilities generating plant in the 800 block of Race Street. The plant was shut down in 2016 because of stricter Environmental Protection Agency guidelines, but LMU officials had to transfer lines outside the plant in order for it to be repurposed. An April, 2019, date was set for the earliest conveyance for a housing project.

City officials are now considering the next steps in ensuring the site can be repurposed for housing. All controls from the interior were moved to a new building outside the generating plant and went online April 8.

At a recent Utility Service Board meeting, it was announced that the mayor and the LMU superintendent will meet soon to discuss the conveyance timetable.

Mayor Dave Kitchell said the project will be a plus for the city in three ways.

“It will allow us to put a property on the property tax rolls that has never been on them, it will help revitalize that neighborhood and it will address a portion of the housing deficit we have in the community,” Kitchell said.

SOURCE: News release from Logansport Mayor Dave Kitchell