Solar System Ambassador encourages Cass County residents to get ready for May 27 LAUNCH DAY

Last Updated on May 15, 2020 by Solar System Ambassador Pam Roller

SOURCE: News release from Solar System Ambassador Pam Roller

Are you prepared for NASA’s Commercial Crew Program’s SpaceX Demo 2 launch on Wed., May 27th at 4:32 p.m. EST?

Two American astronauts will be launched in a Next Generation American spacecraft on American soil at the Kennedy Space Center for the first time since 2011. Mark your calendar.

Astro-Pup Patches and Solar System Ambassador Pam Roller wanted to share this exciting news with everyone for the summer! LAUNCH DAY Kit now available with printable posters, bookmarks, stories, and many other activities.

Attention: Educators, Students, Parents, and Space Enthusiasts

Click on the link below for your own Launch Day Kit and many other awesome resources:

Below is a list of Next Gen STEM CCP Resources and Activities related to Demo-2 –

Download a PDF of this flyer here.

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