Governor’s Public Health Commission discusses public health funding

Last Updated on November 18, 2021 by Indiana Department of Health

INDIANAPOLIS — The Governor’s Public Health Commission met today at the Indiana State Library to discuss public health funding issues, which impact how public health departments are structured and carry out their duties.

Shane Hatchett, chief of staff for the Indiana Department of Health, described how public health is funded in Indiana and explained other states’ funding models.

“One of the big things that will be critical for us to solve for correctly is that there is somehow a sense of fairness and equity in how the money gets apportioned out and how it is used,” said former state Sen. Luke Kenley, co-chair of the commission.

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A comment form is posted online for the public to provide feedback on any of the commission’s topics of discussion. The commission will also conduct in January statewide listening tours in to hear directly from communities.

Governor Eric J. Holcomb established the 15-member commission in August to study Indiana’s public health infrastructure and make recommendations for improvements.

The commission will discuss public health governance, infrastructure and services at its next meeting on Dec. 16, in the History Reference Room at the Indiana State Library, Indianapolis.

More information about the commission, including agendas, presenter slides, resources and other materials, can be found at Executive Order 21-21, which established commission, can be found here.

SOURCE: News release from Indiana Department of Health