2022 Candidate for Cass County Council Member, District 3: Damon Foreman

Last Updated on October 10, 2022 by Cass County Communication Network

Damon Foreman is the Republican candidate for Cass County Council District 3.

Below are his responses to questions from Cass County Online that were sent by the local party chairs to all local candidates.

The District 3 Council Member must live in Eel Township Precincts Logansport 4, Logansport 5, Logansport 6, Logansport 7, Eel East, Eel East Nonvoting or Eel North and is voted on only by voters in these precincts. | Cass County Voter Precincts | Logansport Voter Precincts

Find more info about the 2022 general election here.

Damon Foreman

Why did you decide to run for this office?

I wasn’t happy with the direction our country was headed, but I knew it was up to good people to get involved and not just complain. I realized there were a lot of things that could be improved just by working in local government. In short, I wanted to DO something and not just talk about it.

What would you like voters to know about you?

I am a Lifelong resident of Cass County. I graduated from Lewis Cass High School in 2010. I married my high school sweetheart Taylor (Dill) Foreman and we have 4 boys together. I have worked in the Logansport area since I graduated college in 2013. I helped run my Family business for several years and now run a financial services business. I have been honored to serve our county for the past 2 years and am excited for the opportunity to continue serving for another 4 year term! I am thankful to my supporters, and would very much appreciate your vote!

What are the most important issues related to the office you are seeking?

Continuing the good momentum and a growth-oriented fiscal approach toward our county, while continuing to cherish and protect those things which make Cass County special and our home. Maintain financial discipline and manage the taxpayers’ money wisely while supporting elected officials and departments to ensure resources are used properly.

What are your top priorities for action if elected?

Personally, a high priority for me is to continue to learn as much as I can about county government in all its different facets, so that I can effectively evaluate and budget our resources in those areas. I also want to continue to build relationships with department heads and county workers to better understand what they do and how to support them. For our county, my highest priority for action will be economic development. This will also help expand our revenue and allow us to provide better public safety and infrastructure to citizens of the county.

What’s your vision for the community and what role does the office you are seeking play in achieving it?

Cass County is and should be a place where families can grow, thrive, and still pursue the American Dream. As a father of four, my vision for the community is a place where my kids want to stay and raise their kids.

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