2022 Candidate for Cass County Recorder: Beth Liming

Last Updated on October 10, 2022 by Cass County Communication Network

Beth Liming

Beth Liming is the Republican candidate for Cass County recorder and is unopposed in the 2022 general election.

Below are her responses to questions from Cass County Online that were sent by the local party chairs to all local candidates.

Find more info about the 2022 general election here.

Why did you decide to run for this office?

Over the past several years I have had the opportunity and privilege to serve the citizens of Cass County as another office holder. It would be an honor to continue the service as your county Recorder.

What would you like voters to know about you?

I was caucused in November 2020 to fulfill the remainder term of the past recorder. Now I’m running on the ballot this November 2022 for my first 4 year term. I have strived to maintain and preserve the records of land ownerships along with other records such as deeds, mortgages, surveys, power of attorneys, property liens, veteran discharges and many other various documents for Cass County. With the recorder’s office being the first Constitutional office in county government in the state, we have documents dating way back in time. I have worked with our software vendor and have added several programs to help improve the office. I continue to work on back indexing, book scanning projects and the property fraud alert program that the county land owners may sign up for. Recently I promoted the Honor Rewards program for our county veterans by reaching out to the local businesses to sign up for any discounts they would like to offer for our veterans. I have done my very best to keep up with the times and duties within the office.

What are the most important issues related to the office you are seeking?

Someone wanting to have a document recorded that they have prepared themselves and this document is not complete with the required information by stature. We try as best as we can to explain what is needed. It’s common to refer them on to an attorney or a title company.

What are your top priorities for action if elected?

Continuing to strive on a daily basis for the following:

Accuracy – All the details within a document are following the requirements of stature.
Efficiency – Documents are processed in a timely matter.
User Friendly – Providing service quickly and with ease.

After all, we are a team working for the public.

What’s your vision for the community and what role does the office you are seeking play in achieving it?

We have many searchers either come into the office or search online for information that they need to complete documents to be recorded. When we continue to provide the accuracy, efficiency and be user friendly it only helps that searcher. This will only help our community to keep growing bigger and better for Cass County.

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