2022 Candidate for Eel Township Trustee: Savanna Brown

Last Updated on October 10, 2022 by Cass County Communication Network

Savanna Brown

Savanna Brown is the Democratic candidate for Eel Township Trustee in the 2022 general election.

Below are her responses to questions from Cass County Online that were sent by the local party chairs to all local candidates.

Find more info about the 2022 general election here.

Why did you decide to run for this office?

I decided to run for Eel Township Trustee because I believe that many of our citizens are missing opportunities, resources, and assistance available to them in our community.

I would like to improve this by being the
Helping Hands to
Educate, Encourage, and
Assist citizens with
Resources and Resolutions in a
Timely Manner.

“Experience with a HEART for Cass County”

What would you like voters to know about you?

I’m a dedicated, compassionate and persistent team player. People describe me as a a leader who is a good listener and flexible. A leader has to be both to hear all the options and be ready to make the best decision. I have always been an individual who finds great joy in the service of others; I believe that this passion and purpose make me well suited for the job of Eel Township Trustee.

What are the most important issues related to the office you are seeking?

My goals as Eel Township Trustee are to:
Educate people about the resources, support, and assistance available to them so Trustee services are a last resort.
Ensure that the basic needs of every citizen are met.
Assess and improve the conditions of our cemeteries.
Identify and apply for funds to improve local parks.
Create opportunities for youth to learn social skills, self-improvement, healthy self-esteem, discipline, determination, perseverance and to encourage success.

What are your top priorities for action if elected?

My top priority if elected Eel Township Trustee is that all Cass County citizens basic needs are met and to educate our citizens about the resources, support, and assistance available to them so that Trustee services are a last resort. This will require collaboration and coordination with our local community services and public meetings to ensure citizens are knowledgeable about the opportunities, resources, and assistance programs available.

What’s your vision for the community and what role does the office you are seeking play in achieving it?

My vision is a strong “Neighbor helping Neighbor” community with a better understanding of opportunities, resources, support, and assistance available to all citizens. I want to see Cass County grow, improve, and have new opportunities for all citizens by holding monthly public meetings to inform the citizens of resources and assistance programs, by collaborating with Area Five, Salvation Army, United Way, Emmaus, Food Banks, and local Churches’ mission programs to identify and appropriately utilize these programs and resource available, and by identifying and applying for grants or funds to better our parks, cemeteries, and youth outreach. I would like to look back on my time in office knowing I served Cass County with the understanding, perseverance, teamwork, and a strong compassionate heart for all our citizens. I hope to leave the message that Cass County is a place where we have, show, and give compassion, assistance, and support to our neighbors, family, friends, visitors and strangers; where you can see and feel the compassionate heartbeat of Cass County and it’s citizens.

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