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Logansport Memorial Hospital makes changes to visitor restrictions as of June 27, 2022

Last Updated on June 27, 2022 by Logansport Memorial Hospital

COVID-19 is still a health concern for hospitals and healthcare organizations across the country. Hospital olicies continue to be evaluated and adjusted or updated as needed, based on the priority of keeping our staff and patients as safe as possible inside our facility. In evaluating available information and the state of COVID-19 as it is today, Logansport Memorial Hospital is making adjustments once again to its visitor restrictions policy.

Logansport Memorial Hospital patients may have unlimited visitors* who come and go during visiting hours: 6 a.m. – 8 p.m.
*dependent on the health status of the patient

  • Visitors must be healthy with no symptoms of respiratory illness
  • Visitors may be asked by LMH staff to wait in the waiting room or step outside while care is provided or procedures are performed, at any given point.
  • Symptomatic visitors will be asked to leave.
  • All patients and visitors will be required to self-screen when entering the facility, and required to wear a mask.
  • We also ask that you continue to practice social distancing and practice good hand hygiene.

Certain restrictions are still in place in specific areas / departments:


Adult patients: Two healthy visitors (only one in the patient room)
Pain management patients: One healthy visitor (in waiting room only)
Pediatric patients: Two healthy visitors


  • 2-3 healthy visitors at a time, rotating as needed at nurse’s discretion
  • Children under age 12 are discouraged from visiting
  • Visitors must use the intercom system to gain access to the locked unit

Medical Imaging; laboratory:

  • One healthy visitor, if required to assist the patient
  • Patient should come alone whenever possible
  • Waiting area space is limited and leaves very little room for social distancing

For COVID-positive patients, visitor restrictions still apply:

For inpatients (staying in the hospital):

  • Two healthy visitors only; must be the same two people for the patient’s entire stay
  • Healthy clergy members are allowed as an additional approved visitor during visiting hours
  • Visitors cannot wander outside the room and must exit promptly after the visit

For office appointments:

  • Patients will be led to a patient room promptly after they arrive.
  • Visitors will go with the patient.

These visitor restrictions are subject to change at any time, based on flu season, COVID surges or outbreaks and any other seasonal trends or changes.

Revised 6-27-2022

Please note that restrictions are still in place for COVID-positive patients and their visitors, whether staying overnight at the hospital or coming in for a doctor’s appointment. Some areas have also elected to keep restrictions in place, due to the severity of illness for patients (in the Intensive Care Unit, for example) or due to space limitations in common waiting areas where social distancing is difficult to maintain.

Patients and visitors are still required to wear masks while inside the hospital, and required to self-screen when entering the facility. The hospital’s policy on requiring masks to be worn has not changed.

We appreciate the continued flexibility and patience that we have been given by our patients, their families, and by individuals in the communities that we serve. We know that family members and trusted visitors have an important role in supporting the health, healing, and well-being of our patients in their specific health journeys. We are working hard to continue providing an environment where families feel like valued members of a patient’s care team, because that is what is best for our patients. We ask for your continued cooperation with this adjusted policy as we make your health and safety our top priorities.

SOURCE: News release from Logansport Memorial Hospital