State EOC and Indiana Guard actively responding to weather event

Last Updated on December 22, 2022 by Indiana Department of Homeland Security

The Indiana State Emergency Operations Center remains on enhanced activation as the winter storm system moves through the state. Nearly 150 soldiers from the Indiana National Guard have activated to patrol and help motorists on Hoosier roadways.

The Indiana National Guard fully activated nearly 30 Highway Assistance Teams (HAT) as of 5 p.m. today, patrolling designated areas in the central and northern parts of the state. The soldiers are assisting local first responders to ensure no motorists are stranded alongside roads in the extreme and dangerous temperatures moving through the area. The Indiana Department of Transportation reported nearly 750 plows on Indiana roadways as of 5 p.m., with another 200 on standby as needed throughout the night.

“The State EOC is coordinating a comprehensive state and local response, utilizing multiple state agencies and the Indiana National Guard to help Hoosiers endure this brief, but serious, event and enjoy the holiday safely. We caution people to stay off the roads, if at all possible,” said Mary Moran, director of Emergency Management and Preparedness with the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

“Our Guardsmen are trained and equipped to meet the needs of Hoosiers during all weather emergencies. We consistently train with our state agency counterparts to ensure ease of collaboration during responses such as this,” said Lt. Col. Randi Bougere, director of strategic communications with the Indiana National Guard.

Indiana 211 can provide a list of warming shelters in your community and other needed assistance.

Hoosiers are encouraged to stay off the roads for the next 24-48 hours as temperatures fall off quickly and rain transitions to ice then snow. The snowfalls are expected to be between 3-6 inches over the next few days, but the strong winds will produce windchills as low as -30 degrees in some parts of the state. The strong winds also could produce near whiteout conditions in some areas, even with minimal snow.

The IDHS website and the Get Prepared website are important resources for Hoosiers to stay safe during a weather emergency. Both provide critical resources and real-time information on road conditions as well as tips to stay safe before and when you may find yourself stranded in an extreme weather event.

The IDHS Travel Advisory Map is active on the IDHS site, with current updates provided by local level emergency managers. can provide Hoosiers with the location and road conditions according to INDOT snowplow drivers, including photos and live video of plow locations.

To protect yourself on the road:

  • Don’t drive if possible.
  • Keep plenty of fuel in your car.
  • Create an emergency kit with blankets, food, water and cell phone chargers.
  • Do not exit your vehicle unless you are within 100 yards of shelter.
  • Slow down.

To protect yourself in your home:

  • Prepare an emergency kit to keep your warm and nourished for up to three days if necessary.
  • Contact utility companies immediately if necessary.
  • Gather everyone in the most-insulated interior room.
  • Protect your pipes from freezing by insulating them, allowing them to drip and open cabinets.
  • Do not use a fireplace unless it has been cleaned and swept.

Finally, please remember pets and livestock during this type of weather event.

  • Brings pets indoors if possible.
  • Provide straw or warm bedding, away from wind.
  • Provide clean, unfrozen water and food.
  • Pay attention to animals in distress.


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SOURCE: News release from Indiana Department of Homeland Security

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