Indiana Governor honors Emergency Management Agencies during 2023 EMA Appreciation Week

Last Updated on February 19, 2023 by Office of Indiana Governor Eric J. Holcomb

Emergency Management Agencies (EMAs) often work behind the scenes without gaining attention until events like snowy weather, floods, tornadoes, etc. Governor Eric J. Holcomb is honoring this group of critical personnel by celebrating EMA Appreciation Week Feb. 19-25, 2023.

EMAs are part of the first line of response to natural and man-made disasters. County emergency managers help draft disaster response plans, organize trainings that include first responders and community partners, work with state and federal agencies to find the most effective disaster recovery methods and offer knowledge and expertise to local community leaders.

“Emergency managers play a pivotal role in their counties. Their decisions carry a heavy weight on how a community responds to and recovers from a significant incident or event,” said Joel Thacker, executive director of IDHS. 

Every emergency begins and ends locally, like the COVID-19 pandemic that impacted all 92 Indiana counties. It is important for Hoosiers to recognize the dedication and accomplishments of these highly-trained professionals. 

IDHS will be celebrating EMAs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow along to learn about the people putting in countless hours to keep you safe. 

SOURCE: News release from Office of Indiana Governor Eric J. Holcomb