Literacy Volunteers of Cass County shares updates on services, volunteer opportunities

Last Updated on March 1, 2023 by Literacy Volunteers of Cass County

Just like many other organizations, Literacy Volunteers of Cass County (LVCC) was brought to a standstill in 2020 by COVID-19. Since then, very few organizational activities have been accomplished. However, we are alive and well offering tutoring to those individuals in need of learning or improving their reading and/or language skills. LVCC also helps those individuals seeking to learn English and/or work towards their citizenship. Services are provided free of charge to persons 18 years of age or older.

For over 40 years, LVCC has trained volunteers to teach reading and associated language skills to adults. Tutors teach on a one-on-one or small group basis, usually meeting at a convenient site, such as the library. Tutors and students typically meet once or twice a week for an hour or more, depending on individual scheduling.

How can you help? First of all, if you or someone you know would benefit from our services, please refer them to LVCC by calling 574-355-0986. We will take it from there.

Secondly, become a tutor. You don’t need a college degree, just the willingness to make a difference in someone’s life. YOU can be that difference if you are willing to give one hour a week to meet regularly with your student. Tutoring not only benefits the student, but tutors also benefit from the association with their student.

If you have questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact us at 574-355-0986.

SOURCE: News release from Literacy Volunteers of Cass County