Logansport Savings Bank ready to host 20th annual Cass County Basketball Tournament starting Nov. 28, 2023

Last Updated on November 26, 2023 by Logansport Savings Bank

High school sports seasons are transitioning from fall to winter, and that means it’s time for Logansport Savings Bank’s annual Cass County Basketball Tournament. This event, bringing all four county schools together since its inception in 2004, is scheduled to begin Tuesday, November 28.

Admission prices for tickets to the games are $7 per session, or $20 for the entire tournament. Dates, times, and locations for all boys and girls games, both JV and Varsity teams, can be found on Logansport Savings Bank’s website.

“We are excited to present this annual County Basketball tournament once again, celebrating 20 years of hosting it in partnership with our four county schools,” comments Chad Higgins, President and CEO at Logansport Savings Bank. “We proudly serve customers from across the county, so this tournament is a chance for the kids and students to come together with school pride and sportsmanship, and also is a way for us to additionally support and connect with the individuals and families that we serve. Some of our county schools will match up in their regular seasons and play one another, but they do not all have a chance to compete together in the same event outside of this tournament. It’s special for our schools, our students, and our bank staff to be able to be part of this unique, longstanding event.”

Chad went on to say, “We could not present this tournament without the collaboration and support from all four athletic directors and departments from each of these school corporations. They work together each year and put in a tremendous amount of additional time to plan and prepare for this special event. We are grateful to each of them for their continued dedication to making this tournament fun and rewarding for the students and fans.”

The Logansport Savings Bank Junior Board of Directors also plays a special part in promoting
and supporting this tournament each year. Members from the Junior Board will walk through the
crowd during the tournament, asking for donations to benefit a local non-profit organization they
have chosen. This year’s chosen recipient is Emmaus Mission Center. All proceeds raised by
our Junior Board members will be donated to Emmaus following the tournament. Logansport
Savings Bank will match the donations from their fundraising efforts up to $1,000.

Logansport Savings Bank and its team of friendly faces look forward to seeing fans and families at the Cass County Basketball Invitational Tournament.

SOURCE: News release from Logansport Savings Bank

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