Stand UP Cass County, with collaboration from Community Partners, offers FREE FUN for Youth ages 13-18

Last Updated on December 17, 2023 by Stand Up Cass County

Youth ages 13-18 are welcome to join us for these “drop in” events!

Logansport Skate World, Black Dog, Mary Max, Stand UP Cass County and more to come, have partnered to bring FREE monthly events for those ages 13-18 to Cass County.

On Dec. 18 from 4-6 p.m., there will be a FREE skating event at Logansport Skate World and Fun Center. Starting in January, on the last Monday of each month from 4-6 p.m. there will be a FREE skating event at Logansport Skate World and Fun Center.

On the 3rd Wednesday each month, starting December 20th, there will be events occurring at Black Dog from 4-6 pm. The first Black Dog event we will be playing board games, some already generously provided by Black Dog as well as some new ones! The kids are welcome to bring a game to share as well.

Then starting the month of January, the second Wednesday of each month, there will be an event occurring at Mary Max Cinemas, details to come. The coalition is also meeting with various other community partners to provide even more drop in events. If you have a suggestion or would like to partner with the coalition please reach out to Nikki Malott at

Reminder these events are open to youth 13 to 18!

Older youth may reach out for volunteer opportunities, if they’d like to. The hope is that these events will grow and those coming to the events may even want to help plan some activities for the younger kids in the community as well. Goal is that the youth will take these ideas and expand on them.

The event is considered a ‘Substance Free Alternative Event’, in the prevention world. This simply means it is a social or recreational event for youth or families, that specifically excludes the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Stand UP will require a “sign in” form at the events, this sign in is acknowledging the rules of NO tobacco, vape, alcohol, or other drugs. Youth will also be able to sign up to receive information about upcoming events in the community.

These free events are a fun way for youth to “hang out” safely and connect with their peers, as well as get involved with their community. The events will not have a set agenda planned and kids are allowed to drop in and check out what is going on at their leisure. Organization/Funding for these events are provided by the Drug Free Communities Grant in partnership with community partners. As mentioned above, if you or your business/organization would like to help sponsor an event or partner to put on an event in the community please reach out. Coalition work is a collaborative effort and the coalition needs all hands-on deck to keep our youth engaged, healthy, and safe in the community.

**Please note these are “drop in” events and are open to any youth in Cass County between the ages of 13-18. They are welcome to come anytime during that allotted time frame for free. Certain events may have “bonus” goodies, such as food and drinks, and possibly some fun giveaways. We will not be held liable if a child leaves before the completion of the event, also ALL PARTICIPATING IN THESE ACTIVITIES DO SO WITH THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE DANGER INVOLVED, AND AGREE TO ASSUME ANY AND ALL RISKS OF BODILY INJURY, ETC., WHETHER THOSE RISKS ARE KNOWN OR UNKNOWN. Stand UP Cass County (and partners) will not be held liable.

We want to provide more FREE youth events throughout the county so we hope to make this a fun, safe space for youth to come and hang out! If someone is not being safe and respectful they may be asked to leave and not return during future planned events. Please message one of the sponsoring organizations for more information. 

SOURCE: News release from Stand Up Cass County

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