Indiana recorders urge county residents to “Make Property Fraud Protection Your New Year’s Resolution”

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Indiana Recorders Association

Indiana Recorders Association President and Starke County Recorder Mandy Thomason, Benton County Recorder Linda Wallpe, Carroll County Recorder Penny Titus, Cass County Recorder Beth Liming, Fountain County Recorder Nicole (Nikki) Allen, Howard County Recorder Torrie Kelley, Warren County Recorder Melissa Drake and White County Recorder Lori Austin hosted a press conference at the Cass County Government Building, 200 Court Park, Logansport, in the Bicentennial Room today to discuss the importance of Property Fraud Protection.

“Over 72,000 Indiana residents have signed up for the free Property Fraud Protection program that county recorders offer. While that is a good number, we are hoping to increase it! We urge every single resident in the state to sign up for it,” said Mandy Thomason, Starke County Recorder and Indiana Recorders Association President.

“We want to take proactive steps to help protect the property of our residents. For most people, their property is the biggest investment they will ever make, and we as county recorders want to help protect it,” said Cass County Recorder Beth Liming.

“The threat of mortgage fraud and identity theft crimes continue to rise, and all too often victims of these types of fraudulent activities are unaware their homes or identity have been stolen. While Property Fraud Protection does not prevent fraud from happening, it provides an early warning system for property owners to take appropriate actions should they determine possible fraudulent activity has taken place.”

Although this type of crime is rare in Indiana, due to our recording requirements and notary laws, it is on the rise nationwide and we want to be proactive and help people have a peace of mind when it comes to the security of their property,” said Mandy Thomason, Starke County Recorder and Indiana Recorders Association President.

SOURCE: News release from Indiana Recorders Association

Find more information about the Property Fraud Alert program in Cass County here.

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