Galveston man sentenced to 20 years for dealing controlled substance

Last Updated on February 25, 2024 by Cass County Prosecutor's Office

Cass County Prosecutor Noah Schafer announces the sentencing of Anthony Wayne Trusty II, age 43, of Galveston, Indiana, to 20 years in the Department of Corrections for Level 2 Dealing in a Controlled Substance, of which 8 years will be suspended to probation. The sentence was handed down by the Honorable Judge Stephen Kitts in Cass Circuit Court following a sentencing hearing on February 22.

The case against Anthony Trusty originated from an investigation conducted by Galveston Police Department in December of 2022. During the course of the investigation, authorities discovered multiple controlled substances in Trusty’s residence, including cocaine, Psilocybin mushrooms, marijuana, and edible THC gummies. Additionally, various firearms and ammunition were found on the premises.

In a search of Trusty’s home, law enforcement uncovered a significant amount of evidence indicative of drug dealing activities. This evidence included packaging materials, scales, and grinders, pointing to a well-established operation engaged in the distribution of controlled substances. Evidence presented by the State at sentencing indicated the frequent presence of minors inside the home in areas where guns, drugs and other paraphernalia were located.

“Anthony Trusty’s sentencing reflects the severity of the criminal activities in which he was involved. The presence of multiple controlled substances, weapons, and drug paraphernalia underscores the threat he posed to our community,” said Prosecutor Schafer. “Our office remains dedicated to pursuing justice and ensuring the safety of our residents.”

Judge Kitts’ decision to impose an 20-year sentence sends a strong message that drug-related offenses will be met with serious consequences. The Cass County Prosecutor’s Office commends the collaborative efforts of Ryan Preston of the Cass County Sheriff’s Department, Galveston Marshal Nick Bowyer and Assistant Marshal Randy VanNatter, highlighting the commitment of law enforcement to combat illicit drug activities and safeguard the well-being of the community.

SOURCE: News release from Cass County Prosecutor’s Office

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