Rouser announces campaign for State Representative

Last Updated on February 15, 2024 by Rick Rouser for State Representative District 23

Rick Rouser announced he filed to run for Indiana State Representative District 23, which covers portions of Cass and Miami Counties. Rouser is a small business owner and electrical engineer for the automotive industry.

“Public service is about serving the public, not lobbyists. I’m running to represent the people of District 23 and their concerns about government overreach, access to quality healthcare and supporting public schools as they nurture and educate our children,” said Rouser. “Although the idea of running isn’t new for me, these last few years made me realize I can no longer stand on the sidelines. This year’s statehouse session is more of the same; one-sided legislators running amok with the wish lists of their corporate PACs and lobbyists, while forgetting the people on the streets and county roads in their districts. I’m stepping up to defend Hoosiers, not out-of-state money interests.”

Rouser’s engineering career began in research and development and led to product design and product safety. Before becoming an engineer, he worked as a TV and electronics repairman. He graduated from Purdue University and holds continuing education credits from Ivy Tech Community College, Kettering University and Virginia Tech. He is currently a product safety analyst working on driver-assist technology, such as emergency braking.

He’s led teams from all over the world and believes there is value in seeking input from a variety of perspectives.

“It’s critical to include an assortment of viewpoints. President Lincoln was famous for this. He surrounded himself with people who didn’t always agree because he wanted the best idea. Not one side’s idea or the idea of the rich people, but the best idea for the country.”

Rouser is a lifelong resident of Cass County. He is a founding member of the Twisted Riddlers band and a longtime community volunteer for arts and culture projects, such as Art on the Avenue, Med Flory Jazz and Blues Festival, the Cass County Historical Society and the upcoming Horney Creek Brew Fest. He and his wife Lita have three children and four grandchildren.

“I’ve designed emergency braking and it’s hard to miss the metaphor. Right now our state government is one-sided and we see the results – laws that harm people, soil, air and water. Teachers are leaving Indiana in record numbers because our statehouse brews up an anti-education climate. The opioid crisis is blaring alarm bells and it’s difficult for people to get treatment. This is unacceptable and I want to do something to change it. We have to hit the brakes on state government.”

SOURCE: News release from Rick Rouser for State Representative District 23

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