Indiana Secretary of State and Cass County Election Board recognize 101-year-old Hoosier voter

Last Updated on April 18, 2024 by Office of Indiana Secretary of State Diego Morales and Cass County Election Board

CASS COUNTY – The Cass County Clerk and Cass County Courthouse Poll Workers had the opportunity and privilege to assist Arthur “Don” Morphet with casting his ballot during the 2024 Presidential Primary. 

Mr. Morphet is 101 years old.  He has voted by absentee ballot in previous years but this year he wanted to get out and vote in person. Cass County Clerk Destry Richey wants to commend Mr. Morphet for getting to the polls and recognizing that his vote does matter. 

“Our team was so honored to be there when Mr. Morphet came in to cast his ballot.  It’s people like him that show the rest of us your vote, every vote does indeed count and is important in each election. From 18 to 101, each Hoosier should get to the polls and let their voice be heard,” said Destry Richey, Cass County Clerk.

“Mr. Morphet is setting an example for all Hoosiers. I want to especially recognize him for fulfilling his civic duty and voting in this year’s Primary Election.  I hope other eligible voters see this incredible example of a Hoosier and an American and follow in his footsteps. Thank you, Mr. Morphet, for making your voice heard with your vote,” said Diego Morales, Indiana Secretary of State.

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Mr. Morphet will turn 102 next month on May 15th.

SOURCE: News release from Office of Indiana Secretary of State Diego Morales and Cass County Election Board

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