Andersons Marathon Holdings supports responders in Cass County, Indiana

Last Updated on June 10, 2024 by Cass County Emergency Management Agency

CLYMERS, IN – The Andersons Marathon Holdings LLC Community Contributions Committee recently awarded $2,500.00 in funding to improve responder safety when responding to hazardous materials and technical rescue incidents. The funding provided for the purchase of air monitoring equipment, including accessories specific to confined space rescue.

The Logansport Fire Department and Cass County Emergency Management Agency work together closely to prepare for specialty responses which could impact Cass County residents and visitors. The EMA leads efforts for Hazardous Materials Incidents and chemical emergencies, while Logansport Fire Department is leading efforts in developing a technical rescue team that can respond to confined space and other high hazard rescue situations. These teams efforts sometimes overlap, requiring both sets of specialties to resolve a given incident. Because of this, the teams seek out opportunities to train together and build equipment inventories to support one another’s efforts. The focus is on mutual support, not duplication.

Funding awarded by Andersons Marathon Holdings LLC will allow responders to have individual monitors for those making entry into high hazard situations, as well as a “pump” monitor that can collect samples and provide readings to someone outside of the hazardous area. Equipment also provides more opportunities for “area monitoring” when an incident is spread out over a wider area. All devices purchased are bluetooth capable, allowing for monitoring remotely without having to look at the screen and communicate via radio to relay observations. This is sometimes difficult to do while wearing protective equipment and attempting to perform specialized rescue functions, especially on top of all the other communication taking place in a sometimes hectic situation.

While the Clymers facility is one location where confined space rescues could occur, the hazard is present in numerous locations in Cass County as are chemical hazards.

Rocky Buffum, Director of the Cass County Emergency Management Agency, highlighted the critical role of community support in the development of both teams. Building up the Hazardous Materials Team was an investment of tens of thousands of dollars, done with grants and community industry support rather than additional tax dollars. As technology evolves and standards change, ongoing investment is needed to keep capabilities functional and up to date. The development of the Technical Rescue Team is also a huge financial undertaking, and there are many more items on the needs list to get the full benefit of the training and certifications firefighters have taken the initiative to acquire. Similarly, the Technical Rescue Team will also have expenses related to long term equipment maintenance and updates. Further support from grants and community industry will be sought out down the road.

The Emergency Management Agency thanks Andersons Marathon Holdings LLC for their second consecutive year of support, and also the excitement and willingness to continue partnering together for training opportunities with all area public safety agencies.

SOURCE: News release from Cass County Emergency Management Agency

ABOVE: Representatives of Andersons Marathon Holdings LLC Clymers facility with representatives of the Logansport Fire Department Technical Rescue Team and Cass County Emergency Management Agency Emergency Response Team with the equipment that was purchased with the grant

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