Renovations continue at Cass County Government Building

Last Updated on August 18, 2016 by cassnetwork

Renovations at the Cass County Government Building in downtown Logansport began last fall and are expected to wrap up in time for Election Day and Veteran’s Day activities that will be held there.

A main goal of the project is to alleviate water issues caused by the panels on the outside of the building.

The clock faces returned to the building this week and a Memorial Wall is under construction at the north west corner of 4th and Broadway.

The hollow trees in Court Park were removed and limited parking is being added to the west side of the building, on 3rd St. The commissioners say a plaza area on that side of the building will be equipped with sound and lighting, and that the historic cannon and bell will be preserved and featured. The cannon was mounted this week outside the building’s west doors.

In addition, the garage will be finished and will serve as a community room that can be open to the public after hours and will also have access to an ADA-compliant restroom. An expanded lobby will enable visitors to wait inside to pass through the security checkpoint.

The project, along with renovations at some other properties owned by Cass County, is being funded through a bond issue that was approved through a public process over the course of several months.

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