Bike Lane Update from Logansport Police Chief

Last Updated on October 5, 2016 by cassnetwork

The following update is from Logansport Police Chief Brad Rozzi:

“The installation of the new bike lanes in downtown Logansport is complete as the parking lanes have recently been painted on East Broadway and East Market Street in the downtown business district.

We all know that drivers routinely share the roads with bicyclists. On the majority of roads the bicyclist has the same rights and responsibilities as drivers of vehicles do.

The bike lanes are to be used only for the operation of bicycles and vehicles should not be driving in these lanes unless the vehicle is entering or exiting a parking space. Drivers of vehicles must also yield the right of way to a bicycle being operated in the bike lane.

East Broadway in downtown Logansport now contains only 2 lanes for vehicle travel and one lane for bicycles and parking along the north curb.

East Market St. in downtown Logansport is still comprised of two lanes for vehicle travel. The bike and parking lanes are installed along the south curb.

Additionally the north lane of the 600 block of East Broadway is now a turn-only lane to allow drivers to turn northbound onto 6th St.

I would encourage all drivers and bicyclists in downtown Logansport to be alert for one another and to pay close attention in these areas until  we can all become familiarized with these new lanes.

Officers will now be monitoring lane usage in these areas now that they are complete.”

More information from the BMV  is available in PDF form here.