Trine University – Logansport recognizes March 2017 Student of the Month

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Meghan Crinion

Meghan Crinion is working towards her Bachelor of Science degree at Trine University in Logansport.

Meghan started college right after high school at a large college. Meghan felt like she struggled personally with who she was and where she belonged. This along with working full time and sometimes multiple jobs resulted in a drop in her academic performance.

After a few years of growing, Meghan knew she was ready to go back to school. She found Trine University through a previous student who told her about the accelerated adult program and she felt like would be a good fit.

Meghan states that “Betsy Ulrich was my first impression of Trine and was she a good one. She took me step by step through the application process working as eagerly as I did to complete the application while Lori Lange did an overview of my transcripts.”

Meghan is still astonished at just how many credits she was able to transfer in towards her bachelor degree.

Meghan continues to say that “Lori, my advisor, has been pretty much a saint.  She has not stopped encouraging me since I stepped into her office. Ever since I began I have always felt welcomed and embraced.  A breath of fresh air because while attending the larger school, I only felt like another student number.”

At Trine, Meghan is encouraged to meet with her advisor and does meet with Lori about every four weeks while also communicating consistently in-between meetings. Meghan feels as though student’s need is always put first. The benefits the adult program has offered Meghan as well as the shorter courses and being able to go at a pace and a course load amount that works in her favor, she feels the staff and faculty is what has made her success much smoother and much easier to obtain.

Meghan says that “Quality over quantity has proved to be true and it is because of the wonderful spirit and passion of the staff and faculty for helping students succeed. I cannot say enough good things about the staff and faculty.”

If you would like more information about the degree programs offered at Trine University, please contact Betsy Ulrich, Assistant Director of Admission, at 574.516.1218, via e-mail or visit