Weaver chosen as “Citizen of the Week”

Last Updated on June 5, 2017 by cassnetwork

A teacher who reinvented herself in retirement to lead a Logansport program has been proclaimed Logansport Citizen of the Week.

Rosemary Weaver retired from her career as an elementary teacher at Landis Elementary School, but was lured out of retirement by Logansport School Superintendent Michele Starkey to head a program for adult students pursuing their high school equivalency certificate. Recently, a graduation ceremony for those adults was held at McHale Performing Arts Center. Many students credited Weaver for supporting them in their quest for high school graduation equivalency.

“What’s impressive about this program is that is increasing the number of people going after the certificate and ultimately the number of workers available for local employers,” Mayor Dave Kitchell said Monday. “To have a work force that is prepared to take on the challenges of a 21st century economy, we need workers who are prepared to become assets of Logansport employers and contributors to our economy. This certification program is a key step that enables that to happen.”

The mayor urged students graduating from the program last month to remember the example of Kenesaw Mountain Landis, the former commissioner of baseball. Landis, the namesake for the school where Weaver taught, dropped out of Logansport High School, only to pursue a law degree and eventually become a federal judge who fined Standard Oil Company a then-record $1 million.

Weaver, daughter of the late Leo and Helen Weaver, is a Logansport native and LHS graduate. She and her husband, Doug Schlabach, reside in Logansport. The Citizen of the Week is sponsored by the Mayor’s Office and recognize as Logansport natives or residents who contribute to the community or are recognized for their achievements. Recipients received a certificate of appreciation from the city and a $20 gift certificate.

SOURCE: News release from Logansport Mayor Dave Kitchell