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Trine University Logansport recognizes March 2018 Student of the Month

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Trine University Logansport, is proud to announce Mystine Collins as the March 2018 Student of the Month.

Mystine is the Director of Cass County Child Advocates, also known as CASA, and is currently working on a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in psychology. As a single mother working full time, Trine University has been a great fit for her. Mystine started college right after high school and then, like many of our students, took a break. When Mystine was ready to return to school, Trine University was able to take her 60 prior credits and roll them towards her bachelor degree. Attending full time, Mystine should be finished in the fall of 2018 and feels as though completing her degree will help prepare her for the next steps she plans to take in her career and life.

“What I like most about Trine is that it’s local. It made it so much easier for me to make the decision to go back to school after taking nearly a 3-year break. I previously lived in Fort Wayne and completed my first 2 years of schooling there. I moved back home to Logansport in 2013 after having my daughter and have remained a part of the community I grew up in since then. When I finally decided it was time to complete my bachelor’s degree I had started in 2011 right out of high school. Transferring to Trine from my previous school to complete a Bachelor’s in Psychology was stress-free and easy with the help of Lori and Betsy. I was worried I would have a difficult time getting back into the routine of college classes again especially with being a single mom, but it was like riding a bike. The night classes worked well with my schedule and with help from my family, I have been able to succeed in completing my degree. The professors for every class are experienced and helpful. I’ve had the chance to build relationships with other students and faculty that I know I will take with me for a lifetime. I’ll have my degree soon and I know every class I’ve taken while at Trine has prepared me for the next steps I plan to take in my career and my life.” – Mystine Collins

Mystine is another example of someone that has taken advantage of the amazing educational opportunities that Cass County has to offer. Mystine’s plans after college are to continue her work as Director of Cass County Child Advocates.

Trine University congratulates Mystine Collins as the March 2018 Student of the Month. If you’re thinking about going back to school and would like more information about the degree programs offered at Trine University, please contact Betsy Ulrich, Senior Regional Director of Admission, at 574.516.1218, emailing or visit