Limited seats remain for 2018-19 ASAP program hosted at Ivy Tech Logansport

LOGANSPORT, Ind. – Fewer than 10 openings remain in the 2018-19 ASAP (Accelerated Associate Program) class for the Kokomo Service Area of Ivy Tech Community College. This year, the program will be based on Ivy Tech’s Logansport campus and interest in Cass, Miami, and northern Howard counties has been high.

This will be the Kokomo Service Area’s fourth ASAP class in the accelerated degree program that allows qualified and motivated students recently out of high school to complete a “two-year” associate degree in just 11 months. The program, now in its third year at the Kokomo campus, is being moved while the Kokomo Campus undergoes a $43 million transformation of its facilities and grounds.

Beth Chaney, ASAP coordinator for the Kokomo Service Area, said Cass County has really embraced the program, with a number of Logansport High School students participating. Members of the current ASAP class, who graduated from high school last June and will be graduating with associate degrees from Ivy Tech in May, are enthusiastic about the program.

“The ASAP program has been the smartest and most affordable decision I have ever made,” said Logansport High School graduate Daisy Ortiz. “In this program, I was not just able to achieve an associate degree in 11 months but I was also able to figure out my future career. When I transfer, I plan on majoring in Human Services to become a social worker and maybe one day help young adults like myself who do not receive any financial aid due to their legal status or family issues.”

Classmate Kely Rivera credits the support she received this year from Chaney, her ASAP mentor and advisor, for helping her complete the program. She considered ASAP “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” but almost dropped out when she found out she was pregnant. With the support of Chaney and other faculty members, and options to study from home, Rivera will be graduating with honors in May.

“ASAP has helped me feel more confident and capable,” Rivera said. “It has helped me see that nothing is impossible in life. I am thankful for the ASAP and recommend it to everyone who is willing to further their education. It is faster and more affordable!”

Chaney said space has been designated for ASAP – a designated classroom and student lounge – in Ivy Tech’s facilities at 1 Ivy Tech Way.

“Everything is ready for classes to begin June 4. The students who have already made the decision to join the program are very excited and enthusiastic,” said Chaney, who maintains day-to-day connections with the ASAP students each year. “Being in Logansport for this school year, with students who have already built relationships with our College Connection coach and our Cass County recruiter, means students will have three Ivy Tech staff members who will mentor and advise them through the ASAP year.”

Chaney said applications for the 2018-19 cohort will close soon. The program is open to high school graduates 21 years old or younger who have a GPA of at least 2.5, a good school attendance record, nominations from two adults (counselors, teachers, ministers, coaches, etc.), and a pledge of room and board from parents or guardians.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for traditional-age, qualified, and motivated students to save a great deal of time and money and get a jump-start on their careers or further education,” Chaney said. “It’s intense; students are encouraged to think of school as a full-time job.”

But, she added, the students benefit from mentoring, guidance and support during the program and from the relationships they build with the other members of their class as they share their successes and overcome challenges together.

For more information on ASAP, students can contact their high school counselor or visit . To learn more about applying, Chaney can be reached at or 765-252-5525.