Trine University Logansport recognizes June 2018 Student of the Month

Trine University Logansport is proud to recognize Cheryl Ulery as the June 2018 Student of the Month. Cheryl has been a lifelong Cass County resident and like many Trine University students, attending school full time is just one of many responsibilities that sits on Cheryl’s plate. Cheryl is the mother of two teenagers, a single parent three days a week, and works full-time with a lengthy commute each day.

Several years ago, Cheryl completed her associate degree in occupational therapy at Ivy Tech Community College. When Cheryl was ready to go back to school to obtain her bachelor degree, she decided on Trine University’s psychology program. She was able to transfer in many of her prior credits, which allowed her to be finished with her bachelor degree in about 18 months.

Cheryl shares some of her thoughts on the learning formats offered at Trine University:

“I have taken my share of both seated and distant learning classes and appreciate the adequate class size. There is always enough to share with good class discussions to get the minds thinking and expanding in the topic discussion. Through my journey, I have had some of the best professors. They have been knowledgeable, supportive and accommodating. They understand that many of us, which are returning students, are moms, employees, and wives with other commitments. Thankfully, I have never missed a class deadline, but the professors always indicate that communication is key if you need support, assistance or extra time with assignments or projects. This was peace of mind just to know in case the need ever arose for me. Everyone at Trine University, both off and on main campus, has been highly helpful in my journey.”

Cheryl is another example of someone that has taken advantage of the amazing educational opportunities that Cass County has to offer. She currently carries an impressive 3.84 GPA and will be finished with her coursework this summer. Cheryl shares for following regarding her plans for the future:

“After nearly 20 years working in special education and using my Occupational Therapy degree, I plan on using this degree for a position in School Counseling. Upon completing one summer class and a 12-week summer internship, I will have officially completed my degree this August. Someday, I may continue further into this journey, but for now, I will take a break and reflect on what I have accomplished with the busy schedule I managed while attending Trine University. I am thankful to Trine University for allowing me such a positive experience that I once was so hesitant to begin. It’s a Trine Thing! Thank you Trine!”

Trine University congratulates Cheryl Ulery as the June 2018 Student of the Month. If you’re thinking about going back to school and would like more information about the degree programs offered at Trine University, please contact Betsy Ulrich, Senior Regional Director of Admission, at 574.516.1218, emailing or visit